The dots game is a fun strategy game that takes seconds to learn, minutes to play, and has been a favorite for over a hundred years! You may have heard it called pigs in a pen – or dots and dashes – maybe the game of dots is how you first heard of it.

No matter what it’s called, beating your opponent in a simple strategy game makes up for what is lost in pixels and resolution.

On the following pages, we have several versions or game boards for you to download. Welcome your suggestions for different patterns and dot designs.

A Brief History of Dots - Click for more

Since 1895 when a French mathematician invented the game.

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Strategy - Click for more

It’s easy to add a line, then another, then another – but what if you knew a few patterns that give you the edge? Hey relax – it’s just the dots game – but when you know one trick it just might apply to other games you play and make you a better smarter happier player!

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What Do YOU want? - Click for more

Well – here we go again – asking questions – OUR QUEST (LOL). OK – so we know that there are loads of way this game can be played, and we would be happy to review your request. Want a board with 5×7 squares – let us know. Like a certain emoji, instead of a dot – tell us. We’ll reply to let you know that we are looking at your request!

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GOAL - 1 Million Dots