Hey there! Are you ready to learn about a super fun game that’s been around for centuries? It’s called the Dots Game, or sometimes Pigs in a Pen!

People have been playing this game for hundreds of years. It’s so old that we don’t even know when it started! But one thing we do know is that it’s still played today because it’s so much fun.

The Dots Game is played on a grid of dots, kind of like connect the dots! Two players take turns drawing lines to connect the dots. The goal is to create squares by connecting the dots with lines.

But here’s the catch: every time a player completes a square, they get to put their initials inside the square and take another turn! So you’re not just trying to make squares, you’re trying to make as many squares as possible before the game ends.

Now, you might be thinking “this sounds easy, I’ll just connect dots and make squares all day!” But wait, there’s more! The real challenge of the Dots Game is trying to outsmart your opponent.

See, you can’t just connect any dots you want. You have to think strategically about which dots to connect, because if your opponent sees that you’re about to make a square, they might try to block you! And if you’re not careful, you might accidentally give your opponent the chance to make a square instead.

So you have to be sneaky and think ahead. You might even try to create traps for your opponent, where they have to choose between two options that will both let you make a square on your next turn!

Another important thing to remember is to control the center of the board. That’s because the center has the most potential to make squares. So if you can control the center, you’ll have a better chance of making lots of squares and winning the game!

So there you have it, the history of the Dots Game or Pigs in a Pen! It’s an ancient game that’s still fun to play today. So grab a friend, print out a game board, and see who can make the most squares!